Brand Ambassador

The Brand Ambassador is responsible for participating in direct marketing campaigns for our clients as well as effectively representing client brand and image. The goals of the brand ambassador are learning product knowledge, be aware and be consistent with client service standards, and face-to-face communications with our consumers. The brand ambassador is also responsible for researching and looking for new markets to reach.

Account Executive

The Account Executive is responsible for leading direct marketing campaigns for our clients as well as manage small groups of team members. They are also responsible for creating innovative campaigns based on client’s needs and wants. Account executives assist with administration duties, scouting talent, conducting interviews and training individuals through our progressive training program.

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director manages the office from all aspects. They are responsible for all paperwork, background checks, events, bookkeeping, as well as generating office goals. Assistant Directors also conduct all first and final interviews with new talent. They oversee all training aspects and manage client expectations through structuring team meetings and creating beneficial growth strategies for our clients through marketing campaigns.

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